Occasionally True Stories

Occasionally True Stories

The Boy and Totoro

– I am very nervous!

Perhaps you will also notice my sad and contemplative expression.

How can I be calm, when I have not seen my neighbour Totoro for two days! He has never acted like this, but I’m sure he has a reason for all that and if so, then I have to think hard and I will understand everything. He would not leave so easily. We were often together and having a good time. I remember feeding greedy silkworms on mulberry tree leaves – it was our favourite pastime.

I think I know what it’s all about. I remember one day Totoro was talking to me about his dreams – he wanted to see the Silk Museum. You can’t imagine what a wanderer he is – always thinking of escaping and discovering something new. Seems like he followed his heart and set out on the path to his dream. There is no doubt, I am really sure of that. I really want to travel too, especially with Totoro. I have never seen a creature more interesting than him! Totoro is aware of this and will probably be back soon. After all I’m still small and I don’t know much about this life. I can imagine how happy he is now. I wonder how is he?  Is he hungry or thirsty? He has a long way to go… But most likely he does not even remember it. I have felt his way many times, especially when I play in the yard with friends. Only my mother’s voice reminds me that it is time for dinner. when a person is happy he does not remember his needs.

I can imagine how many things Totoro will see on his way, how many people he will meet and befriend. I wonder if he already arrived at his destination… but I don’t have time to think about it anymore. I’ve been thinking about this too much already, thoughts about him carried me away. Grandma was calling me outside, I have to go and help her ….

Grandma handed the boy a letter that Totoro had left him. I wonder what was written in it, but isn’t that another story?

Authors: Tea Bochorishvili and Diana Markarashvili