• Without Museum Objects: Leafeaters
    Without Museum Objects The Silk Museum started to spin a cocoon around itself. After the building’s rehabilitation, the museum will reopen in a new form. The objects are being temporarily wrapped and boxed. The vitrines that were designed specifically for this space stand empty. The traces of frames can be noticed on the walls. “Without […]
  • Pirimze
    I worked on the project Pirimze for several years. I researched this building from different angles and met a lot of people who worked there. As a result, I created various works – installations, a book, and a documentary film. Pirimze was built in 1972 as a place combining different types of individual services. In […]
  • What Is Tbilisi Silk Weaving Factory Telling Us?
    Tbilisi Silk Weaving Factory, which many of us have heard about, was founded in 1928 inside the former tobacco mill of Tbilisi. The building itself was constructed in 1883 and met all the requirements for production. As we know, the only necessity was to get more light by enlarging the windows. The establishment of the […]
  • Embroideries Created During Deportation
    When you look at these embroidered lilacs, you will feel the smell of spring. As though it is telling us that the most colorful days of the year are coming. I am going through an album with various delicate works that impress spectators. Today this album is at the Silk Museum, in the section of […]
  • Textile Is Telling Us…
    What Is Textile Telling Us? This was the name of an online educational program that the State Silk Museum implemented in March 2021. The workshop focused on personal stories regarding textiles, which also connect to collective memory in different ways. During four meetings, participants of different ages and professions attended lectures and were involved in […]