• Post-Pop-Up Talk / Nino Kvrivishvili and Data Chigholashvili
    “Pop-Up: Textiles” was a site-specific exhibition that took place on October 28-29, 2022 at a textile shop in Tbilisi (Queen Tamar Ave. 17) with the support of TBC. This project was yet another result of artistic and research collaboration between Nino Kvrivishvili and Data Chigholashvili, which generally speaking, responds to the history of Georgia’s textile […]
  • City Where Parallel Lines Meet at Infinity
    In the rapid flow of time, the intensity of memories sometimes fades imperceptibly, but this is the moment when enough time has passed and recollection with original accuracy is still possible. Which moment is more timely – when you write from the epicenter of impressions or when you remember? This time, the footage comes vividly […]
  • Occasionally True Stories
    *Photos used in the post belong to the State Silk Museum collection. The labels are assigned according to the interpretation of the authors. Princess and Silkworm Once upon a time, there was a princess named Tuta, who lived in a huge castle. The girl had a carefree childhood, spending her free time in the garden […]
  • Without Museum Objects: Meditation on Mulberry Trees
    Inside a “cocoon,” surrounded by a silk layer through which the images of moths and giant cocoons can be noticed; roofed with archival images of sericulture – mulberry tree and leaves, silkworms, cocoons, a pupa, moths. Fascinated by mulberry trees, I always think of them as a starting point in sericulture. After all, its leaves […]
  • Without Museum Objects: Constant Flow
    Participating artists: David Chikhladze, Liza Kvantaliani, Tama Kvantaliani, Levan Manjavidze, Savle Shubladze. Curated by Mariam Shergelashvili Constant Flow is a creative stream and its tributaries, leading us to discover feelings, self-reflection, limitations, and unboundedness. While researching painting, sound, digital image, and text layers, this experiment unites artists of different generations and experiences into a perceptive […]