City Where Parallel Lines Meet at Infinity

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In the rapid flow of time, the intensity of memories sometimes fades imperceptibly, but this is the moment when enough time has passed and recollection with original accuracy is still…

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Occasionally True Stories

*Photos used in the post belong to the State Silk Museum collection. The labels are assigned according to the interpretation of the authors. Princess and Silkworm Once upon a time,…

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Without Museum Objects: Constant Flow

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Participating artists: David Chikhladze, Liza Kvantaliani, Tama Kvantaliani, Levan Manjavidze, Savle Shubladze.Curated by Mariam Shergelashvili Constant Flow is a creative stream and its tributaries, leading us to discover feelings, self-reflection,…

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I worked on the project Pirimze for several years. I researched this building from different angles and met a lot of people who worked there. As a result, I created…

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