The New Dictionary of Old Ideas

The New Dictionary of Old Ideas


Silk might often be associated with light, multicolored, natural, and precious. This word may also remind us of the Silk Road. For centuries this trade network has been changing its course according to power interests, establishing socio-political directions, slithering in different parts of the world, changing between the places it crossed and altered. Following Peter Frankopan’s approach, the Silk Roads show historical networks and directions that have been accompanied by cultural exchange, as well as violence. By metaphorically extending such a viewpoint, we can observe complex roads of places and identity, relations, changeability, and the factors that influence them.

Silk-making is also an intricate and complex process. Studying what is beyond and connected with the semi-transparent textile, might show that this light, yet very strong material, is rather heavy. The exhibition brings together fragments of history and selected items from the State Silk Museum (Tbilisi, Georgia). By doing so it concerns the topics of places, travels, power, nature, science, industry, networks and connections, and human relations to them. This exhibition creates a peculiar temporary museum, a cabinet of curiosity within the museum’s space. Here the stories that are told through selected objects, well-known or unknown to us, show the roads within the complex network of definitions.

A collaborative project and exhibition by the State Silk Museum

Curator: Data Chigholashvili

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