The New Dictionary of Old Ideas

The New Dictionary of Old Ideas

Public Program

The public program included lectures and a subprogram “Artist at the Museum.”


Identity in Flux. Georgian Migrant Artists – Experience of Deterritorialization  
Ketevan (Keti) Shavgulidze, PhD in Art History & Theory

Georgian Culture – Postimperial Trauma and Postcolonial Shame
Giorgi Maisuradze, PhD in Philosophy

Artist at the Museum

Artists based in Georgia (Katharina Stadler, Sandro Sulaberidze, and Nino Zirakashvili) talked about the works they created in the framework of The New Dictionary of Old Ideas. Together with the museum’s team members (Nino Kuprava, Salome Phachuashvili, and Mariam Shergelashvili), they discussed connections of their concepts, working methods, and approaches with the Silk Museum’s specificity.

Artist at the Museum: Katharina Stadler

Artist at the Museum: Sandro Sulaberidze

Artist at the Museum: Nino Zirakashvili