Textile Is Telling Us…

Textile Is Telling Us…

What Is Textile Saying… Memory Fragments

Birth_ Textile, this is what once touched my skin and body, I don’t remember the first touch, however, I can imagine a cotton textile that I was wrapped in – a warm, thin flannel with light blue rhombi… (I like it) 

Sea_ I am wearing a batiste bathing suite, light green, covered in floral patterns. I remember how it was clinging to my body when I came out of the water, it was getting slightly heavy and did not dry easily… (It was a cloudy day at the sea)

Village_ An olive linen dress with metal buttons and white netlike pockets. I was often wearing the dress, my eyes were turning olive, people were falling in love with me as soon as they would see me… (I got tired)

Sanatorium_ I put on a pair of thin terrycloth skirt and top, with a light blue triangle at the chest, I am holding rackets. I should play, the textile is breathing, so am I… (Oxygen)

Exhibition_ March 8. I am wearing a caramel crepe de chine vintage dress, strangers are coming to me, congratulating me, introducing themselves, the textile is tight around the wrist, as if, I am wearing only a cuff… (I ran away)

Mount Kazbegi_ Two of us are going there, we have one pair of synthetic, waterproof gloves, one for each. As if there is no difference. Between the naked hand and that one in the glove… (Aim)

Dream_ In white silk linen I am perennially young, I need to exchange energies with the universe, touching, relaxing… (Exit)

Keti Siamashvili